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Welcome to my website.

I first began to specialize in the construction of Nyckelharpas (key fiddles) in autumn 2012.

The nyckelharpa which is most in demand in my workshop is based on a  typical Swedish form and construction plan. (the top, the back and the sides made of spruce) and has a four-row chromatic keyboard, tuned a’ – d’ (c’) – g – c.

I also make instruments whose curved sides and back are made of maple, as well as four-row oktavharpas (with cello tuning) .

At the moment I am planning to develop other models, such as the traditional chromatic three-row nyckelharpa, and also a tenor-harpa (G-d-a-e').

Whatever the instrument, my priority is to ensure a well-balanced sound and easy playability. 

You are welcome to visit my workshop at any time (prior notice requested) and to try out the instruments either here or at exhibitions. I will be pleased to answer questions or give advice.

In addition to making instruments, I offer courses and lessons on playing the nyckelharpa, both for beginners (with borrowed instruments, if required) and for intermediate players, as well as giving special lessons on particular stylistic elements (e.g. Bal-Folk Dance Music on the nyckelharpa.). I also offer various other music courses (accordion, ensemble playing..)

For further information, see “events”


As well as making instruments and teaching, I also perform in various folk ensembles where I play the accordian, several nyckelharpor, the double bass or the organ i.e. harmonium.

Duo Cassard (folk d'Europe)

Trio Larsson/Mayr (nordic folk)

Bordunrot (old and new folk music)

La Marmotte (french and breton folk)

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