Instrumente aus meiner Werkstatt

My priority when making a nyckelharpa is to produce a balanced sound on a player-friendly instrument. My most popular model (basic model) is based on the traditional nyckelharpa form and manner of construction. It has a full spruce body and classical four-row keyboard tuned either to a’ – d’(c’) – g – c, or else, with a shorter scale to the violin tuning of e’ – a’ – d’ – g. Instruments with a corpus made of spruce have a very strong sound in all registers and are hence versatile instruments suitable for folk, dance and mediaeval music.

The spruce tonewood I use for the top and the bottom (basic model) is from the Alps (Karwendel, Vorarlberg, Graubünden) and the wood used for the sides and the neck comes from sawmills  in the Alpine foothills (Allgäu, Oberbayern). In autumn 2016, I started making octave harpas (with cello tuning), which are now also available at my workshop.

I also make instruments with curved sides and back which are made of maple or some other hardwood (e.g. plum wood). The delicate, balanced, warmly resonant sound of these instruments is ideal for Baroque or Early Music.

I am currently developing further models, e.g. the traditional three-row chromatic nyckelharpa, or tenor harpa (e-a-d-G, 1 octave below violin)

Short videos / sound samples can be found on the media page

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